Spiritual Healing Equals Growth and Change
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We are all energetic beings, with the power to manifest change, healing, abundance, and more! But if you have had difficult experiences which remain unresolved, or are faced with stress or anxiety right now, you can find yourself with limited access to your intuitive change. This is the voice that leads you fearlessly into the future! The place that guides good, solid decision-making and helps you to see where you are going so that you can adjust and readjust if necessary. Your intuition is strong when you are connected to your soul-self, or your higher-self.

Spiritual Healing very specifically brings Source energy into your energetic field to to ease tension and blockages in your energetic system. This aims to detach old anxieties, fears and needs, and helps you to renew your connection to your soul-self so that you can then make better decisions, through clarity of mind, and thereby build better circumstances for yourself - this might be around money, relationships, career, body or any other part of life.

It is commonly known that you are made up of energy, so dense that you form a physical mass! As such, this energy can be refined and supported to help your body and mind flow more efficiently. It is reasonable to suggest that if we are made up of energy then so are our thoughts, our internal organs, our brain patterns, each part of you is a storehouse of electrons. These electrons form vibrations which in turn generate the energy of your life - that is, are you vibrating on the level of pain, fear or lack, or peace, joy and humility? You might even be a mix of all of these things!

How open you are to receiving peace, for instance, defines how easily life flows. And how open you are, is based entirely in the vibration that is flowing through your energetic system. This 'flow' generates both negative and positive emotions. You probably know that when you feel good, everything flows peacefully. When you are angry, you find that everything goes wrong. This comes back to the vibration you put out into the world - when you vibrate with anger, you meet anger outside of yourself too because that is what you attract. And vice versa, when you vibrate with calmness, or happiness you meet these things outside of yourself.

So if your life is being challenging right now it is because you are putting out a vibration that allows this 'challenge' to be seen in all areas of your life. As they say - it never rains it pours!

The good news is that you can change your vibration - the secret of life is all about how you can enhance your own energetic state, prop yourself up when things do feel down, and change yourself from the inside out. This secret is all about learning the universal laws of intention, attraction and manifestation. These laws help you to understand just how you create change in your life.

However, the first step for many of us is just calming the nervous system, letting go of the past, cutting energetic cords to those who impact on us negatively so that we can begin to incorporate new teachings into our lives. Spiritual healing attends to everything that stands in your way of understanding how to play the game of life with success and appreciation.

I see many people become angry when they are told that they need to begin to control their own perceptions on life. And I am guilty of this too! It's a challenge because there are so many things outside of us that seem to be impacting on our happiness. Though the main part of the secret to life is understanding that you do control and shape your own life with your perceptions - if you are angry with the world or yourself, then you put out the vibration of anger. If you are happy with the world and understand how it is working for you, not against you, then you are putting out that vibration of peace and appreciation... you see then that whatever you put out to the world you receive back again...!

There are things in life that are incredibly hard to manage - sexual abuse, bankruptcy, stress in marriage, divorce, custody battles - these things can challenge your ability to remain in a positive vibration. However, they are usually sent to us to ensure that we see what we are really putting out into the world. When we are faced with such a big challenge, we need to dig deep and find faith, or trust, or a sense of support from somewhere out there. This helps us to keep our 'heads above water'. Faith allows us to see that everything will work out in the end, and it also keeps our intuitive channels open and focused on success, not anger.

We can also find that when we face something big in our adult life, it's because we are still putting out a negative vibration from our childhood or an earlier experience that led us to feel unsafe or unprotected by the world around us. We are often forced to go back and face this experience, resolve it, that is, before we can find this level of faith required. The downpour of emotional resolution!

Ultimately, spiritual healing is about personal resolution - energetic in nature and via various means - spiritual healing is all about your energetic pathway flowing freely and peacefully, so that you attract this back into your world day to day. This can be found in times of great stress, so long as we hold a deeper level of faith and trust in our support, protection and care from a higher source - our own soul, God, or the angels can all serve here.

And in the meantime there is a wonderful service that many healer provide which stands in as that connection to God or Angels whilst you are resolving your emotional space - spiritual healing, or energetic healing as many people call it.

Monique Williams is owner of the The Healing Centre
You can visit http://www.thehealingcentre.biz to take part in one of her spiritual healing and psychic services.

Monique is a spiritual writer, teacher and healer who helps you to grow spiritually and emotionally through energetic and angel work. She allows the angel beings to speak through her and to channel healing energy through her and out to you! You can learn to change your life and become a powerful being, resonating with peace at all times! Just visit the website above and ask her how...

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