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Our lifestyles are inherited from our parents and society, and so it takes a conscious effort to establish new beliefs and behaviours towards food and its role in our lives. Spiritual health is the relationship you have with food.

My focus on health began over 10 years ago when I was diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and consequently I've studied both the medical model for its maintenance and the spiritual one for its cure.

One of the not-so-hidden secrets in the spiritual health community is the knowledge that the body defends itself against the everyday processed foods that most people eat.

Sugar, dairy, meat, white refined foods and the cooking process, cause acids and toxins to form in our bodies. They affect our PH balance and so the body stores fat around our vital organs to protect them. So the truth is people aren't fat, they are over-acid. When the body takes on alkaline foods and drinks, i.e. raw fruits and vegetables then the body learns to let go of the need to protect the organs and the fat literally drops off.

It was through eating "raw" food in juices, smoothies and salads that I dropped two dress sizes. The weight appeared to literally disappear overnight as soon as I decided to cut out, dairy, meat and acid forming foods. Other fantastic side effects were that my blood sugar normalised and I had loads more energy. One of the downsides was socialising and eating out became a minefield.

Most people have learnt to eat for emotional reasons. Holding a new belief that food is for nourishment and there's pleasure to be found in that, rather than feeding our feelings can be life changing.

To help you start or continue your spiritual health journey, here are 10 Keys to Being Spiritually Healthy:

Key 1 - Get connected to the whole process of digestion and note where the challenges are in your physical self.

Key 2 - Grow at least some of the food that you eat. Learning to grow what you eat is a truly spiritual way to focus your mind and body. Know where your food is coming from, get connected with how, where and what you are eating.

Key 3 - Examine your beliefs about food, health and yourself. A mixture of all 3 could be responsible for a health issue or dis-ease in your physical self. How you think and consequently feel about food, is just as important as what you eat.

Key 4 - Spiritual health is accepting your body the way it is now and knowing that through the power of the mind, it is possible to literally think yourself healthier.

Key 5 - Drink more water! Your body is primarily water...it needs water to function. You need water to think and be you, so give yourself the gift of water. Other drinks have tried to take its place, but you can't turn water into coffee and expect it to do the same job.

Key 6 - Whatever speed you eat, decide to eat slower. Chew every mouthful; your stomach doesn't have teeth. If the food is soft, even soup and drinks, move it around your mouth as it sends a message to your stomach that food is on its way.

Key 7 - Write down your specific health goals and take steps everyday towards reaching them.

Key 8 - Look deeper into what your cravings are telling you. Is it love you want and aren't allowing yourself to feel because of fear, is it nutrients that you aren't receiving? Juice for a couple of days and see what happens to the feelings.

Key 9 - Love yourself no matter what you eat. Forcing yourself to take any path won't work in the long term. Instead treat yourself as if you were a child that needs convincing there are better things they can eat. Be soft and gentle and changes will feel easier.

Key 10 - The practise of praying before eating is an old one. Any sign you can give to the Universe or God that you're grateful is fantastic. Plus letting your body know that the food you're eating feels good and you think good thoughts about it is a bonus!

Spiritual health is your right and you deserve to feel great and energised every day!

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