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Prosperity is a gift already given to you from the universe. It swirls around you like an eddy in a river. It is abundant and available for the asking. So the logical question would be, Why isn’t everyone prosperous? The answer is simple: the majority of us view prosperity as illusive, intangible and unattainable. They may not admit it to others, but many people’s internal dialogue, emotions, and patterns continually create financial failure. Have you ever heard of the old adage, “If you work really, really hard, you may get lucky and become successful”? Who on Earth put that concept out there?

When I first began to experience myself as a spiritual being, I still believed that spirituality and prosperity were like oil and water; they just didn’t mix. You could have one but not both concurrently; therefore, in order to access my spiritual path, I had to settle for poverty, or just getting by. In my previous career, I was a tax accountant, well versed in having prosperity; poverty was not on my agenda.

Nevertheless, as I began my new career as a spiritual healer, I felt like I was going upstream against the financial current. If I charged for my services, I had fewer attendees. If my events were free, lots of people showed up. Of course, one is never given a challenge that one is not equipped to tackle, so I began to delve more deeply into the concept of spirituality vs. prosperity. The following are my discoveries:

Financial abundance, love, joy, bliss, and success in business are readily available to everyone.
That definitely does not sound like the belief system within which the world currently operates, but it can be a reality. It is a matter of belief; if you truly believe that something is, it will be. You must be willing to shed the old patterns and beliefs of scarcity to make room for abundance. That’s the beauty of making this new prosperity work: all you have to do is be willing to allow a new direction or concept, to embrace something different.

I was sure the “fake it till you make it” theory was a lie, until I went beyond my conscious mind and began to listen to my unconscious thoughts.

Words, thoughts, and actions are incredibly powerful.
Most of us are aware of the concept that what we think, we create, but many aren’t taking the time to fully pay attention to their internal dialogue. I know I had a very difficult time in this area. I was frustrated because no matter how many affirmations I said, things kept happening the same old way. I was sure the “fake it till you make it” theory was a lie, until I went beyond my conscious mind and began to listen to my unconscious thoughts. It was here that I discovered my alter ego, the side of me that constantly voiced my humanism; I was incapable, undeserving, and uncommitted. What I found was an array of unwanted feelings about myself that were being expressed in my unconscious thoughts, thus working their way into my words and actions and creating self-sabotage.

It is said that awareness is ninety percent of the process. Once I was aware of what was going on, I eliminated self-sabotage from my experience, freeing the way to prosperity.

Unconditional acceptance of situations, others, and self creates an effortless path.
Now, I don’t know about you, but I decided a long time ago that effortless was the only way to go. However, unconditional acceptance of myself was another matter altogether! Awareness of my unconscious dialogue pointed me in a direction of self-discovery. I processed a huge amount of emotional baggage, cleared out many hidden closets, and came to the profound experience that I am perfect just the way I am. Once I saw myself as perfect, I no longer needed to criticize or judge others, and I now know that every situation is my creation and perfect in its entirety.

The power to see more in others than they see in themselves illuminates my path.
This is probably the greatest gift I give to myself. By using this power, I have discovered a place within that holds an extraordinary amount of beauty and love. I share this place with everyone I meet, and I find only beauty and love coming back to me. It is amazing how deeply you can touch another by seeing and sharing his or her truth. It graces the world with a blanket of light and love, and isn’t sharing love what we are truly here to do?

All of these discoveries have affected my life in a phenomenal way. I have found no difference between prosperity and spirituality; they are one and the same. It is the shift in myself that has opened the effortless door to financial abundance, success, love, joy, and bliss. Every day I am willing to receive what is already mine to attain, and every day I am given all of these.

Lauri Cloud, a certified spiritual healer, is an author and intuitive life coach. She travels around the world giving lectures, workshops, and seminars. She will be in the Seattle area during June and July on her Northwest speaking tour. For information about Lauri’s schedule or to book her for a speaking engagement, call (888) 769-8967.

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