Seven Easy Steps to Improve Your Concentration Powers
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If you have the willpower you can easily learn the skill of mastering the power of concentration very quickly.

You've heard the saying," If there is a will, there is a way" the same holds true with concentration. Diane Sawyer is a very popular and well-known television news correspondent. When Diane was once asked about what has lead to her professional success, she had only one answer. That answer was being able to paying attention.

So the question still remains, "How do you learn to maintain your focus and enhance your concentration?"

The list below is helpful suggestions to improve your ability to concentrate in the most effective way possible. These tips apply whether you are at school, an important business meeting, at your office busy with work, or if you are just trying to finish a specific project.

1. Do five more

You are either one of two types of persons in this world. Either you know how to go through and eliminate frustration or you are the type that only wishes they are able to work through it.

So try to concentrate and focus in doing an additional five more things. This type of mantra is best used when you feel like giving up.

An example might be if you are reading or writing and you no longer want to continue to read or write, push yourself to do just five more pages. Complete five more math questions or if you are exercising add and extra five minutes on the treadmill. Remember that athletes build their own physical physiques by pushing themselves to the point of exhaustion, that also helps to develop mental stamina.

2. Take one step at a time

There may be times when you feel like you are a scatterbrain because your mind is filled with many ideas. Controlling your brain is the key.

Do not worrying about lots of matters, prioritize tasks and do only those that are needed.

For instance, you cannot help but think of your mounting bill problems and this causes you to quit focusing on your presentation that needs to be done in five minutes. Tell yourself that after the presentation you can then focus on ways to pay off your bills. This gives your mind closure and allows you to focus completely on the presentation.

3. Get tunnel vision

You can actually cup your hands around your eyes and this could serve as a mechanism to tell your mind to stay on task.

Case in point: you are in a room and you need to study but there are many distractions preventing you from concentrating. Cupping your hands around your eyes will help your brain to remember to focus and keep it on task.

4. Keep a notepad handy

That way when a thought pops up and distracts your focus, you can write down the thought immediately.

By writing it down you effectively get the thought out of your mind. Now you will focus on the job that you need to accomplish at the moment.

5. Take a break

You are not a machine. You may need to take a break to be able to effectively focus on the job that you have to do.

You can mange the job more effectively by using breaks to break your tasks it to smaller parts. Try taking a walk outside or go out for lunch.

6. Record your start and end time

When doing work, try to record the time you started and the time that you loss focus.

This helps you know how much time you actually spent doing work and when you began losing your concentration. Being aware of this leads to understanding.

7. Mix up your activities

It is wise to change the activities you do so that you keep your mind alert and not bored.

A bored mind is not completely on its game and will wander.

All in all, these activities and suggestions should be practiced regularly to help you to be able to focus and concentrate on the things that really matter most to you.

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