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Do you recall ever having an experience when you felt as if you were immersed in a very powerful state of mind – something akin to a feeling of oneness with the universe? It might have been the kind of experience that even moved you to tears or heightened your emotions so that everything seemed to make sense; meaning you felt good and suddenly aware that everything would be fine. Does this seem familiar to you?

Whatever the situation you experienced, you sensed a whole new reality. Whether it was triggered by a particular vision or a musical selection, your was awareness was heightened. If you could describe it, you might use words like absorbed in, filled with happiness or overcome with joy. Either way, it was as if something very powerful touched deep inside. A strong body feeling where you felt complete serenity, peacefulness and calm.

So what do these moments mean? What do they really do for us anyway? And how can we make them happen more often? Question after question we search for an understanding but no matter what the question, any kind of answer seems hard to find. Yet, deep inside, we continue to search for ways to interpret these powerful moments. Within each of us, there is a desire to know more and discover the real purpose behind this kind of experience. However, more often than not, we are unsuccessful and thus settle for a vague estimation of what has happened.

In hindsight, it seems that during these special moments it is as if we have opened our hearts to that which is the source of all that was, is and will be. A situation as if we have touched something that also resonates within us and is a part of our nature. Unfortunately, most people are frightened by the implications and withdraw from the moment, breaking the link. Even so, the experience leaves us with a special feeling. It is something that gives us a sense that all is possible and, yes, we can achieve the unachievable.

Some people have described these rare moments as doorways to higher worlds or a place located perhaps in a dimension inaccessible to our conscious mind, but open to our souls. It might be a place where one can touch the source of greater knowledge and turn on a transformative spiritual energy within one’s body; a state of being where one can and will enhance the inner nature as one moves toward its source. Finally, maybe it’s the realization that there is a unity in the universe and each spirit is, in fact, one link in a greater chain.

This notion of a link in a greater chain represents an understanding that each one of us has an important role to play in this life. Of course, on the surface the role of one person may seem greater than that of another person. Even so, the reality is - everyone is of equal importance. Therefore, if you change one aspect of the plan – whatever its magnitude - everything is thrown out of sync. Hence, for this very reason, maybe you should reconsider how really important you are and how vital your presence is to the larger scheme of things. In the end, it could be that these special moments provide a sense of this higher reality as a glimpse of how everything is related and meant to happen in life? Think about the things you have done in life and in how many ways you have touch the lives of others. In other words, whatever the magnitude of your presence, it remains vital to the way things are.

In the end, we will come to realize that we are all moving toward a higher level of consciousness. Each one of us is moving at our own speed and within our own time. As such, these special moments not only introduce us to this reality but, provide us with sense a greater oneness, or connection with the source of all that was, is and will ever be. Knowing that life does have a deeper meaning and yes in fact each one of us does have a higher purpose, then becomes a helpful source of endearment through the negative experiences we encounter.

After reading this, I hope you will keep these thoughts in mind and enjoy those special moments as you proceed forward searching for your own answers to life’s questions. Keep in mind, that you have an important role to play and that life is much more than it seems at any given moment in time. It’s important to remember that overall our experiences are really joyful and deeply enriching. Unfortunately we are often too busy dwelling on the negative aspects while disregarding the positive. Life is a joyful journey where each one has an important contribution to make; a contribution that has far greater significance to the way things can be rather than the way we understand them to be. Considering all this, remember to open your heart and empower yourself with this knowledge that touching these special moments provides. In every moment in our lives, there is something to be learned – something to be given and something to be taken away – realizing the importance of this is helpful in your transformation as a human being. Remember that in the end you will find meaning through your actions and becoming more aware of the importance in the greater scheme of all that was and well be.

About Howard Gontovnick M.A.
Howard Gontovnick is a professional Psychotherapist with a private practice in Laval, Quebec Canada. He has an extensive background and educational training with recognized degrees in Psychology,
Philosophy, Religious Studies, Spirituality, Psychotherapy, Meditation, and Sociology . Howard is an author of several publications and also teaches at Vanier College in Ville Saint-Laurent. For more information on Howard

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