The Ten Most Powerful Questions for Your Fulfillment
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Have you achieved your life's desires -- your fulfillment? If not, you may not be asking the right questions.

You may be wondering, "What could questions have to do with my own fulfillment? I don't want questions, I want answers!!"

That’s a great question! I've come to believe that the way to find the best answers is to ask the best questions possible. In that way, we shape our answers to fulfill the nature of the question. You may have witnessed politicians both as they run for office and hold press conferences once in office who never seem to answer the actual question asked. That’s a frustrating example of what a powerful question can do, and what an answer that isn't connected to the question does to the listener. But I digress...

A good question actually forms a context for our thinking and guides us to consider a new paradigm in how we answer it...if it’s a really good question, that is. Bad questions simply maintain the status quo, and in order to find your fulfillment, I don't recommend maintaining things as they always have been. If that was all you wanted in life, you wouldn't be reading this article, now would you?

So we must shape our questions, even those we ask ourselves, to expand our personal framework. When we do so, we expand our own thinking, expand our ideas, and thus expand our capacity to evolve. That’s a good formula for fulfillment in my book!

I've often been told that I ask great questions -- questions that spur you on to really making desired shifts in your life.

I think of questions, really good questions, as the tools I use in my craft as a Spiritual Coach. Like a carpenter uses a hammer and a saw, I use questions.

And this week I was thinking of great questions that have helped me and my coaching clients evolve quicker, with less pain, and more excitement and energy than ever before.

So, here are Coach Don's Top Ten Most Powerful Questions for Your Fulfillment:

1. What is your story about your life that is limiting your happiness?

2. Do you think that you as a person are worth investing in for your fulfillment?

3. Where does irresponsibility lie in your path to your satisfaction?

4. How are you not giving yourself permission to thrive?

5. What has worked in the past, to create those finest moments in your life, that you can repeat now?

6. Who believes in you, or believed in you in the past, who would know that you can succeed? What do they know about you that tells them that?

7. What does your heart of hearts say about your qualities that are precious?

8. What dreams are waiting for you to speak them out loud? How long have they been waiting?

9. If you could have a miracle occur tonight, while you're sleeping, and all of your dreams were true tomorrow, what would you do tomorrow, different from today? And what's stopping you?

10. Are you willing to let your Spirit pull you forward? If not, why not? If so, what would that direction look like?

Here’s my suggestion and inspiring request: sit with my list of questions and get a feel for the one that you like the best. It may be the question that makes you smile, or, it may be the question that actually brings on the most discomfort for you. Whatever it does to you, choose the question that stirs you the most, and then write down your answers to that question.

As you write your answers, consider who you'd like to share them with who will be supportive of you finding your way to your fulfillment. Share your answers with them, and get their feedback. Then, I would guess that you'll be led to take action on your answers. If so, do it. Don't hesitate, just do it.

If you’d like, I’d be happy to be a person who is supportive of your fulfillment, so contact me via my website as listed below. I’ll look forward to receiving your post!

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Spiritual Coach Don McAvinchey helps people learn to put their lives first at To sign up for more free tips like these and claim your FREE e-course gift, Getting Unstuck and Back on Track, visit his site at

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