Transcending the Cosmic View
Beyond the Veil
By Michael Lamas

You embrace the Cosmic view whenever you see that everything is passing: Cosmic time spans billions of years; individual forms, even galaxies, last for a moment. If, like a Broadway show, the universe begins and ends, then ultimately, nothing within it matters.
Alternatively, if the multidimensional universe is eternal, then it doesn't matter either. This is difficult to understand, because our minds cannot fathom eternity and infinity—limitless time and space. From a strictly humanistic standpoint, playing an insignificant part in the drama is depressing. Having an inflated or damaged ego, or being attached to a finite role, makes it worse. On the smaller scales, futility rules.
Fortunately, another view overshadows this: the Present view or "Living in the Now." From there, you don't feel that your actions are futile. Instead, you concentrate on whatever is in front of you, and that fulfills you. If you stay focused and grounded in the Now and keep the Cosmic view in the background, then futility disappears. Yet, you can reach an even higher level with the Beyond the Veil view.
Beyond the Veil is a state where a vast consciousness exists just on the "other side" of this reality. It's as if a dimensional membrane separates our world from an immense Mind. Picture a pulsing, luminous cocoon of light submerged in an infinite ocean. The ocean is the Infinite Mind. The small cocoon is this universe, and we live inside it. Other cocoons, billions of them, drift in the currents with us. They have different shapes, sizes, and colours. In this ocean, nothing is futile: everything is creation.

Porous Brains

As humans, we are dense. Our brain—the organ that interprets the data that our senses perceive—is dualistic and limited. No matter what anyone can say, no matter how profound the truth, someone can always offer an opposing view that makes that truth look absurd or, at least, questionable or implausible.
As a biological filtering device, nature designed the brain to screen out most non-materialistic information. That includes information from Beyond the Veil. This helps us survive on this relatively primitive planet. For example, if we knew (rather than believed) that our essence was immortal, then our physical survival would become unimportant.

The human brain is more developed than that of other animals. Being dimensionally porous, it allows us to catch glimpses of that higher reality. Scientists are mapping the regions of the brain that are active during religious or mystic experiences. They believe that these regions are the source of those experiences. Conversely, spiritually oriented people believe that these regions are bio-receivers responding to incoming spiritual frequencies, like an antenna receiving radio waves. We call receiving this other-dimensional information mysticism, revelation, spiritual insight, or delusion, depending on how we have oriented ourselves spiritually.


Knowing that everything is a temporary gift from God is a sign that you are aligning with this state. Your life, family, job, possessions, beliefs, thoughts, and emotions—anything you think that is yours or that you identify with—are gifts for the moment.

Love helps us align with this reality too. If the love is pure enough, then it can act as a window to the Divine Mind. High art can help as well. Many say that the arts, especially music1, are the best bridges to this state. To hear this music, though, you need to concentrate. Your body and mind can't be busy or disturbed. However, Western fatalistic society discourages peace and contemplation; instead, it trains us to stay busy and to be afraid. We have much to overcome—just to hear!

Beyond the Veil

What can you expect to find beyond the Veil? You will find non-ordinary reality. This reality can be either frightening or exhilarating, depending on several factors. One factor is your image. If you are trying to play the role of an oh-so-together, modern, materialistic person, then these experiences won't help. Ruling out non-ordinary possibilities is a good idea—you'll appear normal and sane (more or less).
Conversely, if non-ordinary identities and realities interest you, then you will enjoy that world. For example, say that on another plane of reality you are an angel. This represents an aspect of your multidimensional wholeness. By allowing that aspect to influence you, life becomes richer. Ironically, it keeps you sane (more or less). If you rule out this possibility, then you effectively limit its influence, or at least, its full expression.

In any case, an important factor in dealing with non-ordinary reality is how your ego handles it. If you are grounded, then you won't go crazy or become arrogant. You can enjoy the spectrum of wonder and possibilities that this reality offers.


As spiritually oriented people, we strive to understand the spiritual and material nature of the universe. Beyond the Veil is a metaphysical state and consciously tapping its energy is a profound experience. A face of God is clearly there, immanent, permeating everything. The point is to get a feel for it. After that, you don't need to catch it directly. When you need to, you can glimpse it from the corner of your Third Eye.


Michael Lamas

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