Vision - Prophecy - Inspiration
By Florence C. Peck - From A Journey in search of Ourselves


We scarcely understand what vision means. Vision is a faculty of the Soul. Like consciousness, it is capable of expansion. It ranges from a vision of the lowliest flower at our feet up to a vision of the Christ. We talk of attaining to vision, but not one of us can conceive of its range. As it arises to take in all aspects of life, that vision may include thousands of forms unseen by the majority, and it may include a clean-cut illumination of great Souls so shinning that we, with the physical eye, cannot behold them. Life is full of possibilities. The most far-reaching are sometimes hidden from us, yet the results are here.

We know the importance of vision on the outer plane; now let us see how it enters into every phase of life, existent and subexistent. We visualize the Universe. It is real or a dreamland to us according to the clearness of that vision. Our vision of the spheres may prove an open book to us, but the strength with which we view phases of that life may make it a real thing to us or only a vision. Let us take this into interior mental states. Our minds are drawn to certain fields of knowledge. How far have we the power to visualize that which our mind grasps?

Vision is a very important instrument. It clears our knowledge of life. In finding a key to the reading of our own lives clear vision is most important. We are entering a fresh path of experience, in this journey in search of our Selves, and we may often stumble and grow confused; but if we keep our power of vision, and it acts clearly, we cannot fail to see the way. We may find for ourselves a great, undefinable First cause. This may give us a vision extending through great fields of Stars and Universes, and may help us materially to a clear-cut conception of the processes by which we came into existence. It will help us to work upward, step-by-step, to a fuller recognition of that Supreme Source from which we sprang. Life is of value as we understand its meaning and deeper purpose. We have been led through many leagues of understanding. This understanding will not only not interfere with our daily duties, but it will make their performance more swift, more certain and more satisfactory to ourselves. In all achievement understanding is a great factor. What we need most we often do not know, and what at the moment we need least we strive to get. Therefore, we repeat, let us get understanding  understanding of ourselves, of the great processes of life, as far as lies in our power. If we progress, and fit ourselves for it, the value that our services may be in the oncoming years is beyond our highest aspirations and hopes. With our vision cleared and our understanding awakened, we journey on.


It is interesting to see the place that prophecy holds in human life, and also how we can get an accurate gauge of the importance and dependability of any prophecy we may hear. This applies to ourselves as well as to those who are able to see finer thought-forms. Prophecy, if accurate, might give us an established foundation for realizing in what direction we must turn our activity, if we wish to accomplish anything.

When we have gained some knowledge concerning the open Book of Life, we shall know and understand how the first picture upon the pages can tell us something of that which is to follow. As the Soul becomes active, strongly active, in any personal life, the first step that is taken, the first active expression that shows in form, is that which we know as thought-force. Out of its mind-stuff the Soul formulates some idea which it wishes to project into outer form, into the active realization and manifestation of that idea. That thought-form is distinctly engraved upon the fine film of ether that surrounds the individual Soul throughout all Eternity, that is never destroyed. It is the everlasting Book of Life.

As this thought-force shapes itself more and more clearly towards its manifestation in form, it can be seen by those who have the vision to perceive it According to the development of the Soul that is perceiving, and the clearness of the thought-form can it be seen accurately. Now, with our intelligence quickened, we can readily perceive that, in dealing with the events of human life, those who see causes impending can gather, from the consensus of the thought-force that arises in them, a very clear comprehension of what effects will follow, of what events will appear in Man's outer life.

When we realize that very fine vibrations of thought ascend to those who can perceive them, we shall understand why the great Masters of human destiny, the great Servers of Divine Life, in shaping that which the Divine Mind has designed, are concerned only with the thought-force that is sent forth by an awakened Soul; by the quality of that thought-force, they can determine the development of the Soul power in that individual. It is here, and here alone, that these Leaders in the awakening of humanity, it is here that they are vitally concerned. It is to the strong Souls of earth that they direct their intelligent guidance, because they know that all great changes must come first through the more progressive Souls, who are to take leadership in every important forward movement. Understanding this, we can know that no Soul thus selected can or will desire to shirk his responsibility. From this standpoint it is an established fact that, for any Soul upon the earth who has reached a point where the quickening of Spiritual power is strongly established, there can be no failure in the carrying forth of whatever work map be apportioned to that Soul, to quicken Man into a more active use of the great edge into lesser fields of development and experience, we can readily understand that results can be prophesised according to the power, the impetus of engaged important activity here.

Taking this survey of prophecy along all planes of thought, we see that those who can enter into human life beyond its mere outward seeming are able to gather the purpose that is in men's minds to be carried out, and, according to the insight used, and the judgment displayed, can prophesy the final manifestation of that purpose. This is a short and general review of the principles underlying what is called the gift of prophecy. We can intelligently take this even into its smallest manifestations. A slight flash of vision showing the trend in one human life will often enable another not highly developed to show to that individual something that is coming to him.


Inspiration is a great incentive to action. It is the mind's ascending scale that reaches something fine and noble and true, and comes back with it to the outer life. It is a great force, a beautiful Spiritual force that fills all the Universe; and as we rise and receive from it, it stimulates something within us and gives us a keener appreciation of the value of everything that we do. We may work and do the things require of us; but there is something inspiring in this ascension of our minds to the Higher Life. It is like touching the keen mountain air, it braces us and sends us back to our work with a stronger incentive to action than we had before. We can go on without it, but we miss something in our lives. Some day we shall know better what all this means to us; and as we look over the past, we shall realize more clearly than now the progress that Man could have made by appropriating this great Life Power and thus vitalizing all his surface life.

We shall have clearer thoughts some day, not filled with bitterness, as some have now when they view their bitterness, as some have now when they view their neglect of things. The stab here is because they reason from the standpoint of the outer mind. That is not the way we shall judge from the inner plane. There it will be for us a sense of loss. We shall see so clearly that certain impulses in our lives make for definite progress; and when we fail to touch those impulses to action, we simply lose. The loss is ours, and we shall know that we have missed some of the benefits that might have been ours in the Soul's journey on earth.

May we fully realize here and now the impetus that can come to us in this life by touching as far as we may these mainsprings of inspiration. We can rise and touch them, and feel their beneficence, and feel their beneficence, and we shall never fail to notice their effects. Let us value this, and let not one moment of regret or repining enter into our hearts. This struggle is worth while. It is the only road through which any Soul can mount to Mastership. Rest? There will be time for rest.  Rest is but a small part of the duty of life. Action is the key that opens every door. Inspiration is like a great wave, which, rising to its height, and returns with quickening powers.

We are touching Life more and more consciously every day. It is a growing relationship that comes by daily contact. We feel this Life all about us, we fill our minds with vibration of the great Intelligence that is within, seeking to mould into shape this creation of Itself. More and more clearly the beauty, the activity, of that Life enters into our mentality. Little by little the flame in our Souls grows more steadfast. It flickers less at every breath from the outer world. It lights the way more surely. It becomes for us, and for all who touch our lives, a signal of the Presence of the Indwelling Spirit. As that centre within ourselves opens to a larger consciousness of this all-embracing Life, we touch that Life wherever It is expressed, - and It is expresses everywhere. We touch it in Nature, we touch It in the human life about us, - we touch It in all great fields of activity. To develop this consciousness within ourselves is to reach every field that we desire to enter. This is the secret of our journey. It is as though for a moment we took the sunlit road, felt the breath of the morning, the glow of the Light that shone, the companionship of understanding; and then, coming back, we see in every face the Divine Fire, we feel the touch of kinship with every human life. Thus, through inspiration, we join the great band of Helpers in the world.

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