Nurturing Your Inner Guidance
Articles By Wendy Kay

It’s comforting to know that all answers to your life issues are found within yourself. You don’t need external confirmation of your decisions if you learn to trust your Inner Guidance. Often however, it is easier and safer to be influenced by others (society, family, or friends), rather than to trust what you feel or know to be “true” and “right” for you. You must keep in mind that what society, family, or friends feel is best for you and your life path might not be best for you at all.

Your Inner Guidance originates from Spirit. It is composed of the same senses that exist in the Material or Physical World. The five senses you experience in Physical correlate directly to the senses in Spirit in the following manner:

Sight is the ability to see things that exist in Physical.
Clairvoyance is the ability to see things that exist in Spirit.

Hearing is the ability to hear sounds in Physical.
Clairaudience is the ability to hear vibrations and thoughts in Spirit.

Touch is the ability to feel or touch things that exist in Physical.
Clairsentience is the ability to feel energies in Spirit.

Taste is the ability to take food/items into the mouth to determine which tastes are good for you or bring you pleasure (sweet, sour, salty, bitter).
Intuition is the ability to take in and evaluate the energy in Spirit to determine what is good for you.

Scent is the ability to smell aromas or scent in Physical.
Scent is the ability to smell aromas or scent in Spirit.

Normally, the senses of Spirit are lumped together and called ESP or Extrasensory Perception. However, in reality there are at least five different “Inner Guidance Skills” hard at work giving you information about your life path from an entirely different perspective – a higher perspective. Each of those Inner Guidance Skills exists within each and every one of us. It is only your level of awareness and understanding that prevents you from using your abilities more often in your life. One of your senses might be stronger than another one. In the same way that your hearing may be impaired in Physical, it may be impaired in Spirit. Your abilities depend on what you are in Physical to do (i.e. your life’s purpose).

Why is it that so many choose to ignore or suppress the messages of Spirit? One reason might be that Inner Guidance is not logical and these skills cannot be scientifically explained. In Physical, it is easier to accept what is logical or “right in front of your eyes” rather than trust a feeling, a vision, or a voice that comes from Spirit. Another reason why you might ignore or suppress your Inner Guidance is that there is a certain amount of fear associated with delving into new ideas or concepts. The fear level is different in each person. Any new experience can make you afraid, but once you repeat the experience many times, the fear disappears. It’s a good idea to remember this as you nurture your abilities.

Instead of suppressing or ignoring your Inner Guidance, you should be trying to develop these skills. We need to nurture these sensitivities and understand how to take care of them just as you take care of your physical self. In the same way that you feed your physical body, experience positive activity and rest your physical body, you must feed, experience positive activity and rest your spiritual self.

Feeding, experiencing positive activity and resting of the spiritual body are a bit different from what you do to maintain your physical body. When you feed your physical body, you take food into your body, which gives you nourishment. Feeding your spiritual body is done through personal growth (life challenges) and helping people. Practicing positive activity (exercise, pleasant hobbies, socializing etc.) is pleasurable. Positive activity in Spirit is done through building a relationship with that particular reality which includes trusting what you feel or know to be true (your intuition). You rest your physical body through sleep or doing something where you don’t need to think and can relief yourself from the pressures of day-to-day living. In Spirit, you meditate to refresh the spiritual self.

When you can merge your Inner Guidance with your physical self, you will attain a state of inner peace. You will live your life based on what you are supposed to do as opposed to doing what others think is right for you.

It’s time for you to start nurturing your Inner Guidance so you can achieve this desired state. Nurturing your Inner Guidance is the beginning of the beginning for your spiritual self. Although this path can be challenging at times, it is the next step in the development of mankind.

Wendy Kay is the Founder of the Oralin Centre. She has been teaching people to develop their Inner Guidance abilities for over 10 years and studying and researching the Metaphysical World for over 20 years. She offers free online courses and support for Inner Guidance development at her web site

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