Intuition and Energy
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What is intuition? Intuition is each person's inner holistic guidance system; it is innate in each of us. It operates outside our immediate conscious awareness, beyond the circumference of our focused attention. Intuition appears to have our best interests at heart. It alerts us beforehand to likely outcomes and offers choices for our happier experience.

What is this information that our intuition interprets?

Everything is made of energy. The primal level of energy of which we speak here is unformed universal potential energy. Creative intelligence manipulates energy to give form to thought. This essence energy is the stuff of which the universe is made.

Thanks to the research of quantum scientists and others, we are constantly learning more about this unformed quantum energy. Mystics through the ages have divined the presence of primordial life-potential energy, way before the amazing scientific discoveries of modern quantum physics verified their mystic experiences.

Primal energy appears to be the action/response that brings into objective existence the subject of creative thought. This primal potential energy redefines itself subsequent to the thought that activates it. Thus will creates thought which transforms into a state of energy and then into a state of mass, either non-physical or physical.

We relate to these energy masses by way of experience. The interconnectedness of thought>energy>mass>experience is wondrously complex, each segment impacting other thought creations. We are each intricately connected with each other and with the whole of creation, like a living synaptic web of consciousness and experience.

Energy can mass as intelligence, consciousness, feelings, emotions and thoughts, all of which are non-physical energy masses. Energy can also morph into the density of physical mass, forming all the wondrous things we find in physical creation.

Scientists have detected that energy responds to thought and intent. Thought instigates the transmutation of unformed universal energy into mass. Thought moulds energy to give embodiment to thought's creative intent. Thus universal energy has an intelligence that can respond to creative thought - our creative thoughts! More on creative manifestation another time.

For now, let's see where intuition comes into play. It works at the level of reading energies that are in the process of morphing well before these energies touch our conscious thoughts . or manifest as our experience. Intuition scans possible outcomes and probable interplays of energy and communicates these probable outcomes to our conscious awareness.

Intuition communicates with our emotional awareness and feelings rather than our thinking awareness. It assesses relative interactions and consequences; noticing, feeling, appreciating, and interpreting at a sub-conscious vibrational level.

Intuition lies deep in the realm of energetic interactions that underlie all actions and interactions at the conscious, "real-world" level of daily life.

Intuition is a great faculty gifted to us for our guidance and joy. It requests we become conscious/aware in the present moment. It calls us to surrender in faith, to allow a higher guidance than simply our egoic determination. Intuition interprets energies, suggests guidance and perhaps, most importantly, allows us access to that higher part of ourselves that transcends our common human consciousness.

We enjoy a two-fold power to both manipulate energy through thought to create what we wish to experience, and we have our inbuilt guidance system, our intuition, to inspire and guide us along life's journey of experience and creativity.

Intuition is the gateway to your unlimited self. It gives you and all the wisdom, inspiration and guidance you need to design and enjoy your life optimally! It is your innate navigation tool, that when tapped and embraced, will chart the course of your destiny, to a dream-filled, blessed and 'on purpose' life.

Develop and wisely use both your creative power and guiding intuition to make your life wonderful, enchanting and infinitely worthwhile.

Marie C. Barrett, author, teacher and life coach, is working for the transformation of consciousness on the planet. An expanded consciousness is forming and higher energies call to every heart. For more information go to and see Marie's blog at

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