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Know Your Self

Have you been wondering who you are beyond the various roles you play in life? Would you like the inner peace that comes from knowing who you really are at depth? Would you like the spiritual assurance, loving and joy that arise from being at peace with your real Self?

Points for Reflection

The following points for reflection can help get you started or move you forward on your journey of awakening to spiritual Self-awareness and inner peace.

1. Your first relationship is with your Self.

Maybe you have been so busy exploring your world that you forgot. Most of us do. But eventually some of us learn the importance of discovering who we really are. It is never too late to remember and to explore the relationship you have with your Self.

2. You are on your spiritual quest.

If you have ever asked, "Who am I, really?" then in my opinion you have already begun your spiritual quest. You might want to make your process of awakening to inner peace more conscious and purposeful by finding an authentic spiritual teacher or wayshower, or by choosing to use everything in your life as an opportunity to learn and grow.

3. Knowing your Self is the task of a lifetime.

The more you know your Self, the more you can accept, love and trust yourself in ordinary life, and the more peaceful, joyful and loving you can be in all sorts of situations.

4. Take heart.

It is often said that it takes great courage to see the face of God because first you must look at your own. You can't fudge the facts. You can't hide from yourself. Often, you may feel nervous (or even terrified) to look inwardly because you have buried old pain and judgments within. Not knowing how to deal with issues when they occurred, you stuck them in a back corner of the closet of your unconscious. You may have labeled that back corner, "Do not open, Terrible Awful in here."

However, as you look at the Terrible Awfuls you will see if you need to do something to make amends, forgive yourself, make wiser choices, or simply let those old experiences dissolve in the light of unconditional loving and self-compassion. In my experience and that of many clients, being willing to look at those Terrible Awfuls in a neutral, accepting way brings natural healing to the personal level, and creates space for greater spiritual inner awareness.

5. You can create space for inner peace.

Step by step, gently and gradually, you can release many of the hidden pockets of pain, negativity and judgment that get in the way of your clear awareness of your Self. As you experience your true Self, your spiritual Self with its nature of loving, joy and peace, you can let that larger Self guide your continuing awakening.

If you're looking for more support in your inner-directed explorations, I invite you to check out my website, http://www.powerofpersonalpeace.com/ and to sign up for my free newsletter, 17 Simple Stress Solutions, at http://www.powerofpersonalpeace.com/optin.htm

Dr. Ilenya Marrin is a personal peace consultant, spiritual counselor, inspirational speaker and author of ebooks The Power of Personal Peace: Reducing Stress by Loving Yourself from the Inside Out and 77 Loving Steps for Success.

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