Strong Quotes (124) Spiritual Sayings

Summary: Definition of Strong. The definition of strong refers to someone or something who can exert a lot of power or force, or is the ability to do a task very well

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Nothing is so strong as gentleness, nothing so gentle as real strength.
~ Saint Francis de Sales

The only way to learn strong faith is to endure great trials.
~ George Muller

Strength does not come from winning. Your struggles develop your strengths. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.
~ Arnold Schwarzenegger

Happiness doesn't come from being rich, nor merely from being successful in your career, nor by self-indulgence. One step towards happiness is to make yourself healthy and strong while you are a boy so that you can be useful and so you can enjoy life when you are a man.
~ Robert Baden-Powell

I cannot think of any need in childhood as strong as the need for a father's protection.
~ Sigmund Freud

Strength does not come from winning. When you go through hardships and decide not to surrender, that is strength.
~ Mahatma Gandhi

The weak can never forgive.
~ Mahatma Gandhi

A lot of people are afraid to say what they want. That's why they don't get what they want.
~ Madonna Ciccone

I am a Woman Phenomenally. Phenomenal Woman, that's me.
~ Maya Angelou

You move totally away from reality when you believe that there is a legitimate reason to suffer".
~ Byron Katie

The truth will set you free, but first it will make you miserable.
~ James A. Garfield

Any woman who understands the problems of running a home will be nearer to understanding the problems of running a country.
~ Margaret Thatcher

Anyone can give up; it is the easiest thing in the world to do. But to hold it together when everyone would expect you to fall apart, now that is true strength.
~ Chris Bradford

I'd rather die my way than live yours.
~ Lauren Oliver

The harder the conflict, the more glorious the triumph. I love the man that can smile in trouble, that can gather strength from distress and grow.
~ Thomas Paine

Never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.
~ Winston Churchill

Never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.
~ Winston Churchill

Never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy.
~ Winston Churchill

When we do the best we can, we never know what miracles await.
~ Helen Keller

It's the easiest thing in the world for a man to deceive himself.
~ Benjamin Franklin

Often we look so long at the closed door that we do not see the one that has been opened for us.
~ Helen Keller

I love to see a young girl go out and grab the world by the lapels.
~ Maya Angelou

When we do the best that we can, we never know what miracle is wrought in our life, or in the life of another.
~ Helen Keller

A strong positive mental attitude will create more miracles than any wonder drug.
~ Patricia Neal

I didn't have anybody, really, no foundation in life, so I had to make my own way. Always, from the start. I had to go out in the world and become strong, to discover my mission in life.
~ Tina Turner

Women have always been the strong ones of the world.
~ Coco Chanel

Never give in. Never give in. Never, never, never, never -- in nothing, great or small, large or petty -- never give in, except to convictions of honor and good sense.
~ Winston Churchill

If you want something done, ask a busy person.
~ Benjamin Franklin

It takes a strong man to accept somebody else's children and step up to the plate another man left on the table.
~ Ray Johnson

The resistance that you fight physically in the gym and the resistance that you fight in life can only build a strong character.
~ Arnold Schwarzenegger

I have a very strong feeling that the opposite of love is not hate - it's apathy. It's not giving a damn.
~ Leo Buscaglia

Mankind must put an end to war before war puts an end to mankind.
~ John F. Kennedy

If you obey all the rules you miss all the fun.
~ Katharine Hepburn

Take your life in your own hands, and what happens? A terrible thing: no one to blame.
~ Erica Jong

That which does not kill us makes us stronger.
~ Friedrich Nietzsche

If you want something said, ask a man; if you want something done, ask a woman.
~ Margaret Thatcher

You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated. In fact, it may be necessary to encounter the defeats, so you can know who you are, what you can rise from, how you can still come out of it.
~ Maya Angelou

Courage is like a muscle. We strengthen it by use.
~ Ruth Gordon

When you look fear in the face, you are able to say to yourself, 'I lived through this horror. I can take the next thing that comes along.'
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

Don't expect to build up the weak by pulling down the strong.
~ Calvin Coolidge

The question isn't who is going to let me; it's who is going to stop me.
~ Ayn Rand

A man must be big enough to admit his mistakes, smart enough to profit from them, and strong enough to correct them.
~ John C. Maxwell

Stop wearing your wishbone where your backbone ought to be.
~ Elizabeth Gilbert

No one can make you feel inferior without your consent.
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

The most courageous act is still to think for yourself. Aloud.
~ Coco Chanel

Some of us think holding on makes us strong; but sometimes it is letting go.
~ Hermann Hesse

You never know how strong you are, until being strong is your only choice.
~ Bob Marley

Anyone can hide. Facing up to things, working through them, that's what makes you strong.
~ Sarah Dessen

A woman is like a tea bag - you can't tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.
~ Eleanor Roosevelt

I mean I'm not smarter than the market, but I can recognize a good tape and a bad tape. I recognize when it's right and when it's wrong and that's what my strength is.
~ Jim Cramer

Now, Mr. Great-heart was a strong man, so he was not afraid of a lion.
~ John Bunyan

Don't wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great. Weak men wait for opportunities; strong men make them.
~ Orison Swett Marden

Difficulties are meant to rouse, not discourage. The human spirit is to grow strong by conflict.
~ William Ellery Channing

A faithful friend is a strong defense; And he that hath found him hath found a treasure.
~ Louisa May Alcott

Willingness to change is a strength, even if it means plunging part of the company into total confusion for a while.
~ Jack Welch

You can't really be strong until you see a funny side to things.
~ Ken Kesey

We must believe that we are gifted for something, and that this thing, at whatever cost, must be attained.
~ Marie Curie

Character is higher than intellect. A great soul will be strong to live as well as think.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don't have any.
~ Alice Walker

Success is not final, failure is not fatal: it is the courage to continue that counts.
~ Winston Churchill

Beauty is a radiance that originates from within and comes from inner security and strong character.
~ Jane Seymour

Greatness lies, not in being strong, but in the right using of strength; and strength is not used rightly when it serves only to carry a man above his fellows for his own solitary glory. He is the greatest whose strength carries up the most hearts by the attraction of his own.
~ Henry Ward Beecher

Strong beliefs win strong men, and then make them stronger.
~ Richard Bach

The difference between perseverance and obstinacy is that one comes from a strong will, and the other from a strong won't.
Henry Ward Beecher

A strong body makes the mind strong.
~ Thomas Jefferson

Shallow men believe in luck. Strong men believe in cause and effect.
~ Ralph Waldo Emerson

Failure will never overtake me if my determination to succeed is strong enough.
~ Og Mandino

Through persistence, self-knowledge, prayer, commitment, optimism, a resolute trust in God and the building of your own personal moral strength, you can enjoy the blessings of a deeper faith and face the difficulties of life with courage and confidence.
~ Norman Vincent Peale

Marriage is like a well-built porch. If one of the two posts leans too much, the porch collapses. So each must be strong enough to stand on its own.
~ Deb Caletti

I shall argue that strong men, conversely, know when to compromise and that all principles can be compromised to serve a greater principle.
~ Andrew Carnegie

Greatness lies not in being strong, but in the right use of strength.
~ Henry Ward Beecher

I think that when you look at the great politicians, the two greatest in my view were George Washington and Abraham Lincoln, they certainly had character traits. You also know Abraham Lincoln overcame severe depression problems that he had when he was younger, which gave him the strength and the character later on.
~ John McCain

It was when I entered the military preparatory school and put on its uniform, that a feeling of strength came to me, as if I had become master of my own destiny.
~ Mustafa Kemal Ataturk

The strong live and the weak die. There is some bloodshed, and out of it emerges a much leaner industry, which tends to survive.
~ Ratan Tata

One of the weaknesses of Indian industry is that in many areas.. like consumer goods.. it is very fragmented. Individually, the companies might not be able to survive. What is needed is a consortium of like companies in one industry, presenting a strong front to the multinationals. The Swiss watch industry did this.
~ Ratan Tata

If you know your strength it never becomes a weakness. If the market knows your strength then it becomes a weakness.
Shailender Singh

The strong and the weak cannot keep company.
~ Aesop

I believe in being strong when everything seems to be going wrong
~ Audrey Hepburn

I believe that tomorrow is another day and I believe in miracles.
~ Audrey Hepburn

It is not the critic who counts; not the man who points out how the strong man stumbles, or where the doer of deeds could have done them better. The credit belongs to the man who is actually in the arena, whose face is marred by dust and sweat and blood; who strives valiantly; . . . who at best knows in the end the triumph of high achievement, and who at worst, if he fails, at least fails while daring greatly.
~ Theodore Roosevelt

Permanence, perseverance and persistence in spite of all obstacle s, discouragement s, and impossibilities: It is this, that in all things distinguishes the strong soul from the weak.
~ Thomas Carlyle

Too often the strong, silent man is silent only because he does not know what to say, and is reputed strong only because he has remained silent.
~ Winston Churchill

Men are strong so long as they represent a strong idea they become powerless when they oppose it.
~ Sigmund Freud

A strong body makes the mind strong. As to the species of exercises, I advise the gun. While this gives moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise and independence to the mind. Games played with the ball, and others of that nature, are too violent for the body and stamp no character on the mind. Let your gun therefore be your constant companion of your walks.
~ Thomas Jefferson

If people bring so much courage to this world the world has to kill them to break them, so of course it kills them. The world breaks every one and afterward many are strong at the broken places. But those that will not break it kills. It kills the very good and the very gentle and the very brave impartially. If you are none of these you can be sure it will kill you too but there will be no special hurry.
~ Ernest Hemingway

If you feel lost, disappointed, hesitant, or weak, return to yourself, to who you are, here and now and when you get there, you will discover yourself, like a lotus flower in full bloom, even in a muddy pond, beautiful and strong.
~ Masaru Emoto

...but even strong women need an arm to lean on now and then. (Anna Whitney in Glory in Death)
~ Nora Roberts

Strong men can always afford to be gentle. Only the weak are intent on giving as good as they get.
~ Elbert Hubbard

Once the decision has been made, close your ear even to the best counter argument: sign of a strong character. Thus an occasional will to stupidity.
~ Friedrich Nietzsche

Nothing is so strong as gentleness.
~ Ralph Washington Sockman

How far you go in life depends on your being tender with the young, compassionate with the aged, sympathetic with the striving and tolerant of the weak and strong. Because someday in your life you will have been all of these.
~ George Washington Carver

Be strong, believe in who you are;
be strong, believe in what you feel.
~ Melissa Etheridge

It is the nature of the strong heart, that like the palm tree it strives ever upwards when it is most burdened.
~ Philip Sidney

Promise me you'll always remember: You're braver than you believe, and stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.
~ A. A. Milne

If God sends us on strong paths, we are provided strong shoes.
~ Corrie Ten Boom

Adversity is like a strong wind. It tears away from us all but the things that cannot be torn, so that we see ourselves as we really are.
~ Arthur Golden

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.
Frederick Douglass

Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one's courage.
~ Anais Nin

Do not pray for easy lives. Pray to be stronger men.
~ John F. Kennedy

I think scars are like battle wounds - beautiful, in a way. They show what you've been through and how strong you are for coming out of it.
~ Demi Lovato

A strong, positive self-image is the best possible preparation for success.
~ Joyce Brothers

He who believes is strong; he who doubts is weak. Strong convictions precede great actions.
~ Louisa May Alcott

It is unwise to be too sure of one's own wisdom. It is healthy to be reminded that the strongest might weaken and the wisest might err.
~ Mahatma Gandhi

You become a worrier by practicing worry. You can become free of worry by practicing the opposite and stronger habit of faith. With all the strength and perseverance you can command, start practicing faith.
~ Norman Vincent Peale

The world breaks everyone, and afterward, some are strong at the broken places.
~ Ernest Hemingway

Solitary trees, if they grow at all, grow strong.
~ Winston Churchill

The weak fall, but the strong will remain and never go under!
~ Anne Frank

Strength is a matter of a made up mind.
~ John Beecher

The world is the great gymnasium where we come to make ourselves strong.
~ Swami Vivekananda

The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.
~ Mahatma Gandhi

The weak are always anxious for justice and equality. The strong pay no heed to either.
~ Aristotle

When I go to bed at night, I ask God to give me another day; I ask him to keep me strong and make me a good teacher and to keep spreading this right word.
~ Richard Simmons

Only the weak are cruel. Gentleness can only be expected from the strong.
~ Leo Buscaglia

God chose what is weakest in the world to shame the strong.
~ Terry Eagleton

The secret of getting ahead is getting started
~ Mark Twain

of being strong and brave. The strong can not be brave. Only the weak can be brave; and yet again, in practice, only those who can be brave can be trusted, in time of doubt, to be strong.
~ Gilbert K. Chesterton

Reality in strong doses frightens.
~ Victor Hugo

It is not I who am strong, it is reason, it is truth.
~ Emile Zola

I grabbed Aunt Prue's tiny hand, her fingers as small as bare twigs in winter. I closed my eyes and took her other hand, twisting my strong fingers together with her frail ones. I rested my forehead against our hands and closed my eyes. I imagined lifting my head up and seeing her smiling, the tape and tubes gone. I wondered if wishing was the same thing as praying. If hoping for something badly enough could make it happen.
~ Kami Garcia

I, on the other hand, am a finished product. I absorb electrical energy directly and utilize it with an almost one hundred percent efficiency. I am composed of strong metal, am continuously conscious, and can stand extremes of environment easily. These are facts which, with the self-evident proposition that no being can create another being superior to itself, smashes your silly hypothesis to nothing.
~ Isaac Asimov

In the heroic effort of the handcart pioneers, we learn a great truth. All must pass through a refiner’s fire, and the insignificant and unimportant in our lives can melt away like dross and make our faith bright, intact, and strong. There seems to be a full measure of anguish, sorrow, and often heartbreak for everyone, including those who earnestly seek to do right and be faithful. Yet this is part of the purging to become acquainted with God.
~ James E. Faust


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