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Deepak Chopra (born October 22, 1946) is an Indian-born American physician and writer. Chopra has taught at the medical schools of Tufts University, Boston University and Harvard University. He became Chief of Staff at the New England Memorial Hospital (NEMH) in Massachusetts, before establishing a private practice.  In 1985, Chopra met Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, who invited him to study Ayurveda. Chopra left his position at the NEMH and became the founding president of the American Association of Ayurvedic Medicine, and was later named medical director of the Maharishi Ayurveda Health Center.

Chopra has written more than 65 books with 19 New York Times bestsellers. His books have been translated into 35 languages and sold more than 20 million copies worldwide. He is thought by some to be "one of the pre-eminent leaders of the mind-body-spirit movement". 
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Deepak Chopra - Way of the Wizard - 68 min
Free Documentaries | Videos - Summary: A wizard exists in all of us. This wizard sees and knows everything. The wizard is beyond opposites of light and dark, good and evil, pleasure and pain. Everything the wizard sees has its roots in the unseen world. Nature reflects the mood of the wizard. The body and the mind may sleep, but the wizard is always awake. The wizard possesses the secret of immortality.

A Balanced Life - Interview with Deepak Chopra - 28 min
Free Documentaries | Videos - Summary: Interview with Deepak Chopra - Topics covered are the Law of Dharma, Giving back and finding your life purpose.

Deepak Chopra: The Mystery of Consciousness - 74min 
Free Documentaries | Videos - Summary: Deepak Chopra's Lecture on The Mystery of Consciousness. Video produced by Alan Steinfeld and This is Deepak's opening lecture to his Seduction of Spirit retreat. One of the Chopra Center programs where in 5 days participants learn the secrets of meditation, unlock the stillness that rests within your soul, and connect to their inner essence. Deepak's new book is called The Ultimate Happiness Prescription.

A thought provoking Panel discussion - "Is there an Ultimate Reality? Featuring Deepak Chopra, Michael Shermer at Chapman University - 155min 
Summary: Free Documentaries | Videos - Summary: science such as mathematics, biology and physics?" Hear from Deepak Chopra, Michael Shermer and a panel of scientists address these questions during a recent special event at Chapman University, in the Folino Theate on March 2011

Deepak Chopra: 7 Spiritual Laws of Super-heroes - 1h 9min
Free Documentaries | Videos - Summary: Virgin Comics presents literary icons Deepak Chopra (How to Know God and co-founder of Virgin Comics) and Grant Morrison (All-Star ... all » Superman) in a far-ranging discussion about Dark Knights, Devis, and the development of tomorrow's mythologies in this special Comic-Con exclusive even

At Google: Dr. Deepak Chopra, "Spiritual Solutions" - 51min 
Free Documentaries | Videos - Summary: In his latest book, Spiritual Solutions, Dr. Deepak Chopra explains how many of life's challenges can best be addressed from a spiritual perspective. "The secret is that the level of the problem is never the level of the solution," he writes. In this interview at Google, Dr. Chopra talks about how we can expand our awareness to address difficulties in our lives.

Deepak Chopra and Andrew Cohen dialogue - 42min 
Free Documentaries | Videos - Summary: Deepak Chopra and Andrew Cohen dialogue. A discussion about courage, creativity, passion and ecstasy. Finding a passion to connect within.

Deepak Chopra: Rabindranath Tagore's Relevance for the Future of Spirituality and of Humanity - 56min
Free Documentaries | Videos - Summary: Tagore's contribution to our understanding of spirituality as a domain of human awareness that is universal is deeply needed to repair our wounded soul and heal our planet. Deepak Copra is a New York Times Best Selling author, Founder of the Chopra Foundation and a Gallup Senior Scientist. He has written more than 50 books. Time magazine heralds him as one of the top 100 heroes of the century. This talk was filmed at Dartington Hall, as part of the Tagore Festival 2011. In Collaboration with Resurgence Magazine

Deepak Chopra : Physical Healing, Emotional Wellbeing - 56min
Free Documentaries | Videos - Summary: How we can be liberated from stress, burn out, depression, immune dysfunction, relationship pressures and other emotional and physical illnesses. This talk was filmed at Dartington Hall, as part of the Tagore Festival 2011. In Collaboration with Resurgence Magazine.

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