Sir Ken Robinson - Educating the Heart and Mind - 48min 
Free Documentaries | Videos - Summary: Noted British educational expert Sir Ken Robinson argues that "in any list of what it means to be human, empathy, intuition, imagination and compassion would surely be at or near the top. Yet, many systems of education pay little or no attention to cultivating these vital qualities. Instead, they promote a narrow view of academic ability and impersonal principles of standardization and conformity. We pay a high price for the exile of feeling in education. 

Brandon Bays 'The Journey To The Journey' - 52min 
Free Documentaries | Videos - Summary: Brandon Bays 'The Journey To The Journey' Interview by Iain McNay from Conscious.TV 

The Twelfth Insight The hour of decision - 48min 
Free Documentaries | Videos - Summary: James Redfield is being interviewed by Lilou Mace and about his latest book. Author James Redfield discusses "The Twelfth Insight: the Hour of Decision," His newest book in the Celestine Prophecy Series! His thoughts are relevant as food for thought for everyone. You don't need to have read any of his books to benefit from this interview

Neale Donald Walsch - How to break free from poverty? - 57min
Free Documentaries | Videos - Summary: Neale Donald Walsch is an American author of the series Conversations with God. Before writing the Conversations With God series Walsch worked variously as a radio station program director, newspaper managing editor, and in marketing and public relations. In the early 1990s he suffered a series of crushing blows — a fire that destroyed all of his belongings, the break-up of his marriage, a car accident that left him with a broken neck. Once recovered but alone and unemployed, Walsch was forced to live in a tent in Jackson Hot Springs, just outside Ashland, Oregon, collecting and recycling aluminium cans in order to eat. At the time, Walsch thought his life had come to an end. Despondent, Walsch began his writings after working his way out of homelessness and following a stint as a radio talk show host.

We Are Star Dust - Symphony of Science - 3min 
Free Documentaries | Videos - Summary: We are star dust, reaching out to the universe. The 15th Symphony of Science video featuring Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Richard Feynman and Lawrence Krauss. 

Mahatma Gandhi - Life of Gandhi, 1869-1948 - 309min
Free Documentaries | Videos - Summary: The Story of God is an epic journey across continents, cultures and eras exploring religious beliefs from their earliest incarnations, through the development of today's This is a 5 hrs. 10 min. documentary biography of Mohandas Mahatma Gandhi. All events and principles of Gandhi's life and thought are viewed as integrated parts of his truth-intoxicated life depicting permanent and universal values. The purpose of the film is to tell the present and the future generations "that such a man as Gandhi in flesh and blood walked upon this earth", to acquaint them with his life and work and to spread his message of peace and universal brotherhood to the war-weary and fear-stricken world. The film brings together a mass of visual record not only of 78-year life of Gandhi but also of an important period of India's history. The aim of the film being education and not entertainment, there is no attempt at dramatization of those exciting times. The story is told with an eye to truthful documentation of the main events within the limits of available documentary visual material

Quantum Healing with Dr. Lo - 5 min
Free Documentaries | Videos - Summary: Dr. Lo, a quantum physicist, is working to prove the existence of qi through quantitative, scientific means. The video was first screened at Dr. Lo's presentation to the Institute of Noetic Sciences for funding for his research

Tom Robbins about the Indian Mystic Osho - 5 min
Free Documentaries | Videos - Summary: Interview with TOM ROBBINS from "MEDITATION: THE ART OF ECSTASY, a documentary film by Insearch Video. --- "One of the things that first caused me to have interest in him was the fact that he was so soundly and roundly rejected and attacked by both the left and the right, by both the unthinking masses and educated, liberal intellectuals. And when someone's ideas are that universally attacked, that can arose that much hostility, that was a signal to me that there must be something there worth paying attention to."

The Quest! - 60min 
Free Documentaries | Videos - Summary: The Quest - Discovering Your Human potential! - Six of today's most influential leaders share their insights on personal growth and the Quest for spiritual harmony, offering vivid hope and an unsurpassed clarity of vision. Through practical ideas and new perspectives that are disarmingly simple yet strikingly profound, you discover:

* How to harness your inner power to create a more meaningful life
* How to feed the deep currents of your soul
* How to build a firm foundation of self esteem
* How the power of your thoughts affect your health
* Why aging isn't irreversible
* How pain and fear impact your search for internal peace
* How to confront the deeper issues of your life 
Featuring  Marianne Williamson / Deepak Chopra / Thomas Moore / Stephen Covey / Dr Bernie Siegel / David Whyte /

Experiencing the Shamanic Journey - 51min 
Free Documentaries | Videos - Summary: Experiencing the Shamanic Journey with Sandra Ingerman: 

Dr Quantum - Fred Alan Wolf PhD -  Quantum Field Theory - 32min 
Free Documentaries | Videos - Summary: Fred Alan Wolf is a physicist, writer, and lecturer who earned his Ph.D. in theoretical physics at UCLA in 1963. He continues to write, lecture throughout the world, and conduct research on the relationship of quantum physics to consciousness. He is the National Book Award Winning author of Taking the Quantum Leap. He is a member of the Martin Luther King, Jr. Collegium of Scholars.

Author of many books including Taking the Quantum Leap, Parallel Universes, The Dreaming Universe, The Eagle's Quest, The Spiritual Universe, Mind into Matter, Matter into Feeling ,The Yoga of Time Travel: How the Mind Can Defeat Time, and his latest book Dr. Quantum Presents, A Little Book of Big Ideas - from

Ram Dass interviews Thicht Nhat Hanh - 9 min 
Free Documentaries | Videos - Summary: Ram Dass interviews Thicht Nhat Hanh at the State of the World forum, September 1995 (more)

The Fire Yogi 46min 
Free Documentaries | Videos - Summary: The Fire Yogi is a 47 minute documentary exploring the journey of a Yogi who has the extraordinary ability to use a unique breathing technique to get into union with Fire. This documentary portrays a rare and unusual Fire Ritual performed by a Yogi from India and the subsequent chemical analysis of his clothing & physical tests that examine this supernatural phenomenon. The Yogi has performed this Fire Ritual for a total of 1000 days over the last 45 years. The Yogi, weighing a mere 94 pounds (43 kilos), has been able to survive on only two bananas and a mere glass of milk with a few drops of water twice a day for the last 28 years. Many aspects of the Yogi are on the edge of unbelievability, while at the same time highlighting the power and endurance of human mind, body and spirit.

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Neale Donald Walsch, conversations with God  - 54min 
Free Documentaries | Videos - Summary: Neale Donald Walsch is a modern day spiritual messenger whose words continue to touch the world in profound ways. Following high school he enrolled at the University of Wisconsin at Milwaukee, but academic life could not hold his interest and he dropped out of college after two years to follow an interest in radio broadcasting. He then became a radio station program director, a newspaper reporter and, ultimately, managing editor, and public information officer for one of the nation's largest public school systems.

After moving to the West Coast, he became creator and owner of his own public relations and marketing firm. He then moved to Oregon and became a syndicated radio talk show host. Neale is the author of the renowned With God series and with the help of his wife, Nancy Fleming-Walsch, created the Conversations with God Foundation.

Louise L Hay - Change And Transition  - 57min
Free Documentaries | Videos - Summary: Louise L Hay is a well known self help author. Louise Hay has written the books 101 Power Thoughts and You Can Heal Your Life. Louise L Hay Talks about using affirmations and meditation to reinforce self love, how to love yourself. Louise Hay has also created Heal Your Body and I Can Do It. Everything has to do with self esteem affirmations.

Jon Kabat-Zinn Conversations on Compassion - 61min
Free Documentaries | Videos - Summary: Conversations on Compassion with Dr. James Doty and Jon Kabat-Zinn, hosted by CCARE at Stanford University 

A pioneer in the application of ancient Buddhist practices to healing in modern medical settings, Kabat-Zinn expounds upon the value of "resting in awareness" not only to facilitate clarity in ourselves, but also as a means of relating to and healing the "dis-ease" in politics, society and the world. Series: "Health Sciences Journal" 

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